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Just Point the Gun and Squeeze the Trigger

It sounds so easy. However, at Midwest Gun and Range we know that the wrong firearm can deliver more of a kick to sports shooting than you expected. Even an experienced shooter may find that blind shooting a new model handgun or rifle is nearly as difficult as shooting blindfolded.

We’ve solved the problem of blind shooting for the first time range shooter as well as the experienced marksman with our large selection of firearm rentals. We supply affordably priced rental firearms for every shooting sports occasion.

     1. Firearms education classes
     2. Shooting range target practice
     3. Competitive sport shooting events
     4. The discerning firearms shopper

Machine Gun Rentals

Click here to learn more about our machine gun shoots.

At Midwest Gun and Range, We Always Give You Our Best Shot!

If you’re considering a gun for purchase, a shooting a firearm from our wide assortment of used stock may be just the ticket to help you make a decision. If you just need a  firearm for shooting range use, our experienced staff can outfit you with the handgun that perfectly fits your hand or the rifle that fits snug against your shoulder. As well as rifles and handguns, Midwest Gun and Range is proud to provide machine gun shoots.

Firearm Cleaning Fees
Unless otherwise noted below, use of our guns require in-store purchase of ammo. Ammo is available by either the box or the case.

  • Handguns: $10
  • Long Guns: $20
  • Machine Guns: $60 (up to 200 rounds of ammo)
  • M249 Squad Assault Weapon (SAW)
    o $150.00 plus ammo

*All charges are for a one-hour minimum. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Your Safe and Enjoyable Shooting Experience is Always Our First Priority.

  • All persons using the shooting range are required to wear eye and ear protection and follow all posted range rules.
  • Children under the age of 18 are allowed to shoot with a parent or guardian (i.e. Grandparent) in attendance.

Contact Midwest Gun and Range for details on Firearm Rentals.

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